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Quickest way to distribute contact details, safely!

Sometimes in life you may meet new people, particularly when you're en-route going somewhere.Your lives interact, your having a brief/yet awesome conversation with what was a total stranger.

You've decided that you like said stranger, and would like to keep in touch. However you're in a rush to get somewhere.

In this situation writing down digits can be too time-consuming, and sometimes you don't even have pen and paper handy, you might miss-out on your chance to meet again, tho you'd really like to.

This is where DiscoverMe.AT comes into inter-action!

@ DiscoverMe.AT

You get your own free web-page, just like my one @ discoverme.at/tom

With all your contact details displayed, but encrypted.
And displayed as a simple contact form.

Your free contact web page appears in the form of http://discoverme.at/yourusername

Because it's encrypted (and displayed as a form) there's no way any robot can see it.

But via your web page, you can still receive email, and other contacts.

It's also a great way to distribute other contact details, Such as your social media. Because once you've signed up for free you can pick and choose which contact forms you want displayed.

For example :> Just your e-mail, or just your social media, or your telephone number and web page. or all of the above.

It's completely customisable!

It's totally plug and play and requires absolutely zero technical skills (it's as simple as filling out a form).

It's the quickest/most safe way of distributing all your contacts in one place, and it's completely free!

So what are you waiting for ?...
Just one short phrase to utter, and you're done!

to register now (it's free)!

OR ...

[CLICK HERE] to sign-in. :)

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